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Shitoryu Seiko Kai



Member of:
The National Karate-do Federation
German Sports Union

European (EKF) & World Karate-Do Federation (WKF)
Ryukyu Kobudo Hozon Shinko Kai - Okinawa, Japan



**Our Grandmaster Soke Seiko Suzuki was honoured by performing the Kata Gojushiho at the 1st All Japan Karate-do Championships.

Many famous Karate instructors were attended to this tournament, and it was at this time on he became known as one of the high quality sensei in Japan.

**In 1963 he commenced study of Ryu Kyu Kobudo under Shinken Taira Sensei.

In 1965 he obtained his 7th Dan, Shitoryu Itosukai  and Soke Ryusho Sakagami presented Soke Suzuki with his Karate-do Shihan certificate.

**In 1968 he was awarded 7th Dan Kyoshi in Kobudo by Shiken Taira Sensei..

** In 1980 Sensei Sakagami awarded him 8th Dan Hanshi in Itosu-Ryu.
Subsequently in 1992, Sensei Suzuki was also awarded by the Japan Karate Rengo-Kai (Former Japan Karate-Do Federation) his 8th Dan “Hanshi” certificate.
** In 1980 received his Menkyo Kaiden, which indicated that he had fully mastered the entire Karate-Do Shitoyu syllabus. By this time he was a technical director in the Itosukai group, able to award any Dan grade in the organization.


European Headquarter

                *Shitoryu Sommercamp 31/7- 07/08/2010 in Freizeitcenter in Oberrhein, Germany
               *11th International Open Shitoryu Cup in Germany 27.11.10 ( for Katas Only Shitoryu is allow)

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